Two Sunday Shirts

This weekend I couldn’t help myself and made two more versions of the Pumpkin Spice Dolman.  Exciting news – both of these are available in my Etsy shop here!  It’s probably my new favorite easy shirt…both easy to make and easy to wear.  I think I said this before, but it’s the perfect amount of slouchiness.  The thicker sweater version I made before had more body to it; these are with lighter sweater knit/french terry, so the drape is a little different but I like it both ways.

The top one is made with a light sweater knit (maybe textured rayon spandex) and french terry spandex blend.  I saw I had this lovely dusty rose solid, which happened to coordinate perfectly with the french terry floral.  The rose is a little sheer, so I am wearing a shirt underneath.  I have about 5 more yards of the french terry, so you may see quite a bit more of that to come!

(In looking at these pictures, I’m realizing my hair is kinda crazy…it’s pretty much “I was sewing all day and didn’t look in the mirror” hair. 😉 )


The second one has a bit different feel, but I really like it.  The front bodice is a chunky white medium weight sweater knit, and the back is a bold teal aztec lightweight sweater knit.  This doesn’t have much stretch and is a little sheer as well, so I am also wearing a shirt under this one.  I love doing accent backs; I think it’s an easy way to add interest to garments without any real extra work!  This one in particular seems pretty winter-y to me; it’s probably due to the white.


Both of these Pumpkin Spice Dolmans came together pretty quickly, again.  I want to try the curved hem variation next, though I am personally very partial to bands (due to their quick and easy nature, but also when wearing shirts in general).  Dreaming of a more medium weight french terry with the curved hem…until next time!


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