Announcing Papa Bear Joggers!

Disclaimer: Even though Brian is not a papa, he loves these pants!

I’m sooooo excited to share this new pattern I had the privilege of testing…the new Patterns for Pirates men’s joggers!  There’s also a bundle for the whole family, if you want to all match adorably.

(Note: He’s sporting my new men’s anatomy raglan in the photo above!)


Brian absolutely loves these pants. He’s the kind of guy who dresses up and looks all classy to study medicine at PA school and then likes to be comfy when he comes home. He has a ready to wear pair of pants similar to this already which he really likes (side note: they mysteriously appeared in our laundry and we don’t know where they came from, so I call them The Unknown Pants); making these was a no-brainer.

I made two different versions during the testing phase. For the first I used a medium-lightweight athletic knit, drawstring elastic waistband, patch pockets and elastic leg cuffs.

He prefers these for a more sporty feel; he’s worn them while  walking around for errands and working out at the gym. He particularly likes how much ease there is; you can see how the fabric pools at the ankle and how much room there is to move and stretch.


My second version is made with a medium-heavyweight heathered gray french terry. These are Brian’s favorite between the two, since they are insanely comfy. He’s worn them mainly while studying at home and relaxing. I tried them on once and can confirm they are awesome. He made me give them back right away. 🙂

For this version I made the waistband with elastic and without the drawstring, with patch pockets, and elastic cuffs. I don’t like doing inseam pockets, so these are nice and easy to construct.

Overall I found the pattern to be easy to follow and pretty quick to assemble.  I tend to be on the slower side when it comes to sewing speed (hello, perfectionist), so I don’t like to talk about how long things take me since I don’t think its helpful for people who sew at a more average pace.  But that said, these won’t take you all day!  The pattern pieces seemed huge though, since I am more used to women’s pants. 🙂  Surprisingly though, I only used about 2 yards, maybe a little less, to make each one.  Not bad!

Make sure you grab your copies of all three: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear – or bundled together for a discount.  Can’t beat that!

Now I’m off to sew the women’s version…floral french terry, here I come!

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