Reindeer & Snowflakes

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!  I hope you all have a great long weekend, or at least just a regular weekend if you aren’t in the US.  After sewing a bunch of lovely orders for my Etsy shop this week I just needed to sew something for myself, so I finally cut into this reindeer sweater knit I’d been hoarding.  I wasn’t sure what to make since I had the problem of wanting at least three different things with this print (including joggers, but I decided against those since this print is so seasonal).  So I finally settled on another Pumpkin Spice Dolman!  I’m addicted.


I was planning on doing another banded version like this one (which I wear all. the. time.),  but as I was cutting it out I decided to do the curved hem.  Normally I kinda hate doing curved hems, but I hemmed this one first before I assembled the bodice, which helped a lot.  I serged the edge, pressed, and then used my twin needle.  Surprisingly, it went well!  I usually add length for my height since I am 5’8″, but I forgot to add to the front on this one, so the back is a little long but I certainly don’t mind the extra length there.  No issues wearing this with my amazingly soft solid black brushed poly leggings!


For the long sleeves and neckband, I used a gray french terry I had on hand.  This one is much more substantial than some of the rayon spandex terrys I’ve used, so it’s also decently warm.  I wasn’t sure how it would look with the blue, but I actually really love it!  It’s that “are those sleeves attached or a shirt underneath?” appeal.


I only needed a yard of the reindeer, which was great because that’s all I had.  After I was done I decided I really wanted to offer these on my Etsy shop, so I promptly bought more fabric. 🙂  So if you’d like one, head here!  Or, grab the pattern to make your own!

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