Holiday Freebies – Part 1

Hello again!  Hope all’s been well lately – I’ve been super busy with Christmas orders (shop is currently on vacation mode for the remainder of the year!) and Christmas gifts on my end.  And then I got sick this weekend…oh well, typical winter.  At least we have pretty snow in Chicago and Christmas to look forward to!

I’m here to share some holiday freebies that I had the privilege of testing for Patterns for Pirates.  First up, these mittens!


The free pattern (available here!) couldn’t have come at a better time for me…when I sewed these up a little bit ago it was just beginning to get the stage where I needed actual gloves/mittens.  My pockets weren’t cutting it on my walking commute to the train.  I had some mittens which I “borrowed” from my mom in the past but I somehow lost one at the end of the season last year.  I forgot about this until just recently.

These are a “one size fits most” kind of deal.  However, I have monster hands so I just lengthened the top finger part and they fit perfectly.  I can literally never buy mittens…it has to be men’s gloves and those are nowhere near as cute as these. 🙂

The pattern is incredibly easy to sew up, and super quick.  It calls for fleece, which I used as a lining, and then some extra stretch vegan leather from my leather SOS pants I posted earlier.


Grab it here!  These make awesome last minute gifts and are a really great way to use up scraps.  Mittens for everyone!

I’ll be back with part 2 soon… 🙂


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