Cardigan Week!

Hello again!  I hope the holiday season was a fun time for you all.  I spent a bit of time in Germany and Ireland, which was awesome.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring home any fabric, since all of the fabric stores I found were already closed for Christmas.  Oh well…I survived!

January has been pretty busy for me, catching up on sewing and getting my shop back in order.  I’ve sold out of a lot of stuff so I will be listing a few new things in the next couple of days.

But today I’m excited about the Patterns for Pirates Cardigan Week!  To help celebrate I’m posting a tunic length Cocoon Cardigan.  Technically I made this earlier in December, but wasn’t able to take pictures since 1) it was absolutely freezing outside 2) I was super sick and 3) I was insanely busy with holiday orders and gifts!  So a month later, here it is.


I decided to go for a casual date night/Valentine’s Day vibe here (more on that in a week or so!).  The great thing about the Cocoon Cardigan is that it’s crazy versatile.  I made a bunch for Christmas gifts and the look and feel really changes with fabric types, but is still just as comfy as it looks here.  And best of all, it has two different pocket options!  I used the inseam pockets here, and added a thread chain to keep them in place and to make sure they didn’t flip out as much.  The sleeves are dolman style, which I find very flattering.  For the bands, I used the short neckband option and the tall wrist band option.  The plaid self fabric is a medium weight hacci sweater knit, and the bands/pockets are double brushed poly, so it pretty much feels like I’m wearing a cloud. 🙂

I’ve really been on a velvet kick lately too.  These are velvet Peg Legs, which I am obsessed with!  I always forget I have these and then I find them in my drawer and realize they are the perfect thing to easily amp up any outfit to the next level.  Not to mention I can’t help but basically pet my own legs all day long.  Haha.  Not weird at all…

The pink top is from Target a million years ago, and I really need to make myself more since it is so old.  I’m planning on using the Layer Me Up pattern to make tanks and basic layering shirts.


I hope you go out and sew up your own Cocoon or other P4P cardigan – they’re all on sale this week!  I’ll be back later with more inspiration…


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