Spring Lace Raglan

I’m back today with a new raglan / hoodie I sewed up this weekend (which is also currently available in my shop and Facebook group).  May I present the Spring Lace raglan!

I bought this lovely floral french terry a little bit ago, and I knew I wanted to incorporate cream lace to some extent.  At first I thought about doing some kind of trim but I think that can sometimes be a bit much for my somewhat refined taste, and I didn’t want to overcomplicate things.  Then when I realized I could easily do a sleeve with two layers (base fabric and lace), I quickly decided on this combo using the Slim Fit Raglan pattern.  It’s probably one of my favorite things I’ve made so far!

Of course, I choose my favorite tunic-length hem.  Since I’m tall, I always have problems buying shirts long enough to wear with leggings and constantly pull them down.  With the tunic length, I can easily have the shirt down to my hips and pool the fabric for a more flattering look.  Even anyone who isn’t tall can still benefit from a little extra length to their shirts, especially if they’re planning to wear them with leggings.  Speaking of leggings, these are my fave silky soft velvet leggings, which I posted about earlier.  Can’t get enough of them. 🙂

As I mentioned above, I used the Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan pattern.  I’ve sewn up quite a few of these and always find the fit spot on and super comfortable.  I’m also loving the hood add on!  If you use this, the best thing is you don’t have to deal with the fiddly nature of attaching a neckband.

About those lace sleeves…a quick tutorial.  First, make sure that both you base and lace fabric have a decent amount of stretch.  Otherwise, you’ll have issues bending and moving your arms, especially considering you’ll have two layers here.

  1. I started by cutting out the sleeves with the base fabric like usual, and then cut out the sleeves again with the lace.  (Make sure you have your lace with the right or wrong side up consistently for each sleeve – it’s easy to get them confused since the right and wrong sides look very similar).
  2. Then I turned the knife off and serged the two pieces for each sleeve together (the lace with the base fabric for each sleeve) along all edges.  You could also baste using a sewing machine, staying within the seam allowance.  This stops the two pieces from moving around too much when attaching the sleeves to the bodice.
  3. Then just assemble the sleeves as usual!  Be careful to sew all four layers for each sleeve – lace and base fabric for the front and back of the sleeve.


4. That’s it!  Now finish the shirt as you normally would.

Make sure you keep an eye out…I’ll be posting about a super exciting outfit soon!  Like, I’m dyyyyying to share it now but I can’t quite yet.  Soon, my pretties!  😉

4 thoughts on “Spring Lace Raglan

  1. Susan Erickson says:

    Beautiful!! I’ve been avoiding stretch lace because I can’t stand anything itchy next to my skin. I love how you put the lace on top of another fabric! Did you use the same fabric as the body of the top for the sleeve base?


    • stitchingandmaking says:

      Hi Susan! I know what you mean about that. For the sleeve base layer, I used a solid cream fabric, so that there would be some contrast to the print. Of course, you could use whatever you want if you try this out for yourself. 🙂


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