Comfiest Camo Joggers

Hello again!  Today I’m sharing these awesome camo joggers (one pair available in my shop and Facebook group!), which I actually made late last year.  Can you tell I’m finally catching up on blogging?  Can you also tell I’m absolutely freezing in these pictures?  Ha!


Although, I actually find these joggers decently warm, compared to just regular brushed poly leggings.  Did I mention these are also made with double brushed poly?!  Best. Thing. Ever.  I snagged the camo from Vinegar and Honey Co. a little bit ago.  I pretty much wear these most nights when I come home from work, because I want something less tight than leggings but still want to get my brushed poly fix.  These are it!

And yes, I used the Mama Bear Joggers pattern, which is the women’s counterpart to the Papa Bear Joggers I made Brian earlier and also blogged about.  I paired them with a lace color blocked Sweet Tee!  One of my earlier makes but definitely a good one.


I really really really like these.  Unlike some rumors I’ve heard, I haven’t experienced weird fit issues with this pattern…I truly think fabric type really makes a big difference.  Since this is relatively drapey, it worked well.

A while ago, maybe 3-4 months back, I saw a “Pinspiration” featuring camo joggers and just knew I needed a pair.  I’m not quite sure why though, because I’ve never worn camo before in my life.  Random: my acupuncturist told me this particular print looks “90’s vintage”, so I guess there’s a whole new level of appeal there for those who are nostalgic.


As you can see here, I’ve added a lace drawstring for this small detail.  I go back and forth over how I feel about it…but overall I like the idea of a contrast between the camo.  I’m up for using a regular drawstring for other people though, if necessary.

All in all, I’m obsessed.  And also…I hate to be such a tease but that crazy exciting post is still forthcoming.  However, it will be the next one, I promise!  Coming soon…


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