Mama Isabel Wrap Dress

Hello, lovelies!  Remember me?  I’m back at blogging now, after a week in Poland for a work trip and then a week in Seattle and Portland for a personal trip.  While in Seattle, I did manage to stop by District Fabric in Fremont.  What an adorable fabric shop!  I love visiting places like this when I travel, and then picking up some fabric to make my own memento from the trip.  Like this stunning silk blend.


I’m planning to make a Farrow Dress; I’m obsessed with how it drapes so nicely (the fabric and the pattern).  Anyway!  On to the namesake of this post…the Mama Isabel wrap dress!

I had the pleasure of testing this Made for Mermaids dress and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome.  I made the tulip hem, dress length version.  It’s a full wrap, meaning to keep it closed you have to actually tie it and everything.  With a pretty knot.

The best thing about this pattern is it’s extremely flattering on every single person I’ve seen in it.  Seriously – don’t believe me?  Check out the tester pictures on the listing.  I think the wrap just does a great job accentuating what should be accentuated and that’s that.

Regarding construction, the instructions are great, it came together very easily and dare I say quickly?  I am NOT a fast sewer; I think things take about 2-3 times longer for me than what most people estimate.  But this dress actually wasn’t very time consuming, which is amazing because it looks pretty polished and certainly very classy.  A win-win!

I chose to use a lighter weight liverpool (check out the little mini roses!).  This seemed to work out well…it lends a more solid shape to the dress, which makes it a little more dressed up.  So if that’s the look you’re aiming for, liverpool away!  If not, other people used things like brushed poly and rayon spandex, which certainly will add a lot more drape and a more casual look.  This pattern is crazy versatile!  Talk about bang for your buck.  There’s also a super cute girls’ version too, right now available in a bundle with the mama version!


Side note: you can see its incredibly windy and snowing in these pictures…yes, it was also freezing.  My limbs were completely numb by the time this 15 minute photoshoot was over.  Now that’s what I call dedication.  Or insanity… 😉

I’m already planning more of these in some bright florals for spring.  Grab your copy and get sewing, too! ❤

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