Favorite Tee, For Real

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited that the new Favorite Tee from P4P has released!  I was able to test this pattern and it’s safe to say that is truly is my new favorite tee.  It’s the perfect combo of fitted and flattering.  I have a basic vneck shirt made from a soft modal blend which I bought from Old Navy years ago (called the “vintage tee”) during their Black Friday sale…I love it, but I’ve always wished two things. 1) I wish it was a tiny bit longer due to my 5’8″ height and 2) I wish that I had bought more than one.  I’ve been searching for a similar pattern for quite a while but haven’t had much luck.  There are dresses and shirt patterns galore, but why is a simple, semi-fitted vneck shirt so hard to find?!  Thankfully, my search is over.


The awesome thing about this pattern is that is includes a ton of hem options – though I didn’t sew all of them.  I did sew quite a few however, five different versions since I loved it so much.  This post will be loooooong!  And to be completely honest, I have also sewn up three more basic, solid vnecks since I took these pictures.  See?!  Favorite. Tee.

I’m personally a fan of vnecks, so that’s what I did for all of mine (though the pattern also includes a scoop neck option) – plus, I needed the practice. 😉  The method outlined in the tutorial is pretty helpful though, and I found them overall to be simple.

First up is the solid gray option tunic length with the split hem, which I LOVE.  It adds enough interest to the shirt without being too much effort.  Of course it’s more work than a straight hem but don’t let it intimidate you.  Super easy and flattering!  Paired with my Cross My Heart Cami and stretch demin SOS Pants.  Also, this is made with Knitpop’s charcoal triblend, so basically the same as my beloved Old Navy shirt.  Some serious heart eyes going on here right now.


Second, we have the blue dress – poly rayon spandex from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co.  This dress in particular feels very Easter-y to me, so I think I will wear it on Easter paired with a cream Grainline Studio Driftless Cardigan (and leggings, depending on how cold it is).  The options I chose here are dress length (dress option is a curved hem), vneck, and short sleeve.  As I’ve said before, I’m somewhat tall so I usually add about 1″ in length to most things…but I actually forgot to do that here.  So this would be about 1″ longer on most people.


And another dress…this one long sleeved and a bit less springish.  Or maybe that’s just because I paired it with boots?  It was absolutely freezing the day I took the pictures for these first four versions, so I wanted all the covering I could get!  Anyway, this one is also vneck and dress length as well (again, forgot to add length).  I can never buy long sleeves long enough for me so I’m still so excited every time I make something long sleeved…ha.  This one is another triblend from Knitpop, so insanely comfy and flowy. Love it!


For the third version, I sewed yet another tunic length vneck.  Short sleeved, split hem, this time with double brushed poly from Knitpop.  I loved the print on this one, which can easily be dressed up or down.  I chose to dress it up here since I happened to have this (store bought) turquoise pencil skirt.  Something I will say though about using brushed poly for this one…compared to all of the triblends and rayon spandex I used, this one did feel a bit tighter with a slimmer fit due to the fabric.  I personally like the armpits/back to the a little looser on me so I chose to size up in the armsyce when using something more structured.  I didn’t size up on this one though, so you can see it is a little more fitted.


Lastly, I continued with the pale pink/blush phase and sewed another with double brushed poly (from Vinegar and Honey Fabric Co.).  This time I did size up on the armcyce, which I liked better.  Another vneck tunic length, but curved hem…ironically unhemmed.  You know, it’s a “stylistic choice”. 😉  Paired here with my Summer Kimono with ruffle sleeves.  This day was actually super nice and warm outside, so I was happy here!


There you have it!  That’s a lot of Favorite Tees...now, which one of these is my favorite?  In terms of what I will wear the most from a practicality standpoint, probably the first charcoal one.  As I said earlier, I do have three solid color vnecks sewn up too…all made from the divine Knitpop triblend.  So those will also get tons of spring/summer wear as well.


As you can see, I’m completely obsessed with this pattern.  I can really get behind something with a ton of options but a simple idea…this kind of thing fits so easily into my wardrobe.  And for me in particular, I hate to waste money on basic items which don’t fit the best.  So I usually end up not buying them and then not having simple, interchangeable pieces.  This pattern solves that problem!


Plus, you can also get cute dresses out of the deal.  A no-brainer!  Grab it for women, girls, or a bundle deal for both!

Until next time,


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