Sew, What Do I Wear? Vacation Edition – Blog Tour

Hello friends!  I’m so excited to be posting today for the Made for Mermaids & Patterns for Pirates ‘Sew What Do I Wear? – Vacation Edition’ blog tour!  I’ll be showing a couple of things that I wore on my vacation last month.  Namely, the Siren Swim Top, Hello Sailor Bottoms and Megan Romper.


First I have my Siren Swim Top and Hello Sailor Swim Bottoms.  Technically I did post these earlier but since I made a mini swim capsule, I wanted to show how the pieces could mix and match.  Since these two are supposed to go together, they are a match made in heaven!


The top pattern actually has quite a few options included; this is the pointed flounce (front only) and criss cross straps.  There’s also the straight flounce and straight strap options included, which I blogged about here.  The flow front contrasted with the retro bottoms is a comfy, classic silhouette!  Can’t go wrong there.


Speaking of the bottoms, how cute are these buttons?!  I couldn’t resist these and love the little nautical accent.  Plus can we talk about this pineapple floaty??  I mean seriously how adorable can you get!  My friend Maria brought this with her on our trip and I thought it would be so fun for these pictures.  It’s completely enormous so I felt super awkward posing with it but I’d say it was worth it!


This suit is relatively easy to make, especially if you’ve sewn swim before.  If not, then go slowly, read the directions more than once, and baste first then sew (actually, everyone should also do those things).  And that’s it!

Now, on to the romper.  The Megan Romper also includes options various dress lengths too, but I thought that a romper seemed more  vacation-y.  Plus, since I’m tall, I can’t usually buy rompers so I like making them.


I used an ITY from Joann Fabrics I bought last Back Friday.  Weird anecdote: I’ve only ever gone to a Joann’s 3 times since I started sewing a couple of years ago.  There’s isn’t one on any of my usual routes so I don’t tend to go there.  Vogue Fabrics is only a few minutes away from me so I usually end up there instead.


I wasn’t sure how the ITY would be in the humid Dominican heat, but I think it was actually pretty good.  I didn’t sweat any more than I did wearing anything else…ha!  That said, this particular romper is very loose and flowy, so I think that was also a positive contributing factor.  This pattern was also very easy and came together pretty quickly.  Even better!


See those cute pom poms along the bottom edge?  I happened to spot those at Vogue right as they were closing so I grabbed what was left on the shelf and hoped for the best.  Turns out I had enough, but I ran out of time before we left for our trip to add them on.  So I sneaked a sewing needle into my carry on bag and hand sewed them on during our layover.  It was perfect timing and worked out great!  Tip: A nail clippers works in lieu of a scissors. 😉

Next time I make one of these I may shorten the sleeves a little bit and also shorten the inseam on the shorts, but that’s personal preference really.  I have long legs so I may as well use them! 🙂



I also wanted to link out to a fellow Etsy seller, Candyandie Creations.  She hand painted these earrings and I love them!


So we tried to take pictures of this outfit earlier in the trip, but it got darker sooner than I had accounted for.  Because of that, you get one picture of me with my hair down (and dry), a close up of the pom poms, and a picture of this handsome guy (photographer, sewing cheerleader, blog reader, and husband).


Well, that’s all I have for you this time.  Be sure to check out the Made for Mermaids daily blog post and other lovely bloggers on this tour linked below!  I’ve enjoyed participating on this one, and I wish I was still on vacation today!


Patterns: Siren Swim Top | Hello Sailor Bottoms | Megan Romper

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