July BeeBox – VHCO

I can’t believe July is already over!  And here I am blogging about the July BeeBox from Vinegar and Honey.  I received the BeeBox the day before I went out of town two weekends in a row, so I wasn’t able to sew it up until after I got back, yesterday.  However!  This one is for sure a keeper.


These are both super lightweight sweater knits, but the gray is literally baby bunny grade soft.  Like, wearing it feels like a feather is hugging you all day in the best possible way.  The turquoise is also soft too, but it is more textured, ribbed and a little sheer too.


I was a little stumped at first about what to make, but I knew it had to be comfy since the fabric is clearly made for comfort.  I decided on the Patterns for Pirates Relaxed Raglan, with an off the shoulder hack, for maximum slouchiness.  Since its incredibly cozy, this will also make a great transition piece into fall.  (Dare I say it?!)

To make it off the shoulder, I removed 1″ from the front neckline and the sleeves (where they touch/create the neckline) and 2″ from the back neckline, curving up to 1″ where it meets the sleeves.  Speaking of the sleeves, I cut them 1″ shorter than the short sleeve cut line, and then I cuffed it up twice, and stitched.  Easy peasy.



I already wore this outfit to work today and it definitely passes the “does it make a 9-5 office job more bearable?” test. 😉  Yes, I’m lucky and have a very relaxed dress code in my office so I’m able to wear pretty much anything I want to work.  Usually, I end up with something like this but I do wear dresses a lot too, especially in the summer!


The BeeBox is pretty awesome because it’s a surprise fabric delivery each month.  The gals over at Vinegar and Honey sure know how to pick it, too.  I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed; they’re especially good at selecting fabrics that are very versatile and lend themselves to many different patterns.  Oh, you also receive a discount code to one pattern company each month too, according to the inspiration picture they also include.  I usually end up sewing up my own thing though, because I don’t like being told what to do. 😉


That’s it for me!  Hope you loved this one as much as I do.  Happy Wednesday!


Pattern: Patterns for Pirates Relaxed Raglan | Fabric: VHCO July BeeBox

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