Watermelons and Polkadots!

How can you resist such a combination?!  I know I couldn’t when I saw this fabric from Raspberry Creek.  It took me a couple weeks to decide what to make but I finally chose the Favorite Tee and I’m glad I did!


As you can see, I decided to color block this one.  This was my second time doing this with the Favorite Tee, I actually made my friend a three-color colorblocked version the other day.  I snapped some pictures but didn’t want to post them before I gave the shirt to her.  Check out my Instagram stories if you want to see it!  Also, I think this is my sixth Favorite Tee.  Oops.



Colorblocking this one is super easy – I just cut the bodice horizontally about 1″ below the armpit and then added my 1/2″ seam allowance to each piece.  Sew them together and there you have it.  I also chose to do my sleeves in the same watermelon print because I don’t like the way set in sleeves look when they’re a different color than the top of the bodice.  Plus then you get to see more watermelons. 😉


I paired the watermelons with this spectacular rayon spandex from Sincerely Rylee.  Um seriously.  The softest, airy-est fabric ever.  And I’m even considering brushed poly…which is definitely not airy, I know.  This is such a beautiful sage color, I loved it as soon as I saw it.  I certainly bought quite a bit of jewel-toned rayon spandex during their sales recently.  If you see it again, make sure to grab it because it’s awesome to have on hand for stuff like this.  They stock every Friday night! #enableralert


As usual, I added my 1″ for my height to the armsyce.  I know I was asked to do a tutorial on this, but to be honest I completely forgot to take pictures as I was doing it!  Next time, I promise.  I even thought about it the other day when I was making the sunflower dresses, but those didn’t have sleeves so they wouldn’t be a very good example.


Short and sweet, but I wanted to share this one since I’m really loving all of the CLUB prints from Raspberry Creek.  I also made a skirt with their pineapple print too, so keep an eye out for that one (either here or Instagram – be sure to follow me!).  Happy Wednesday!


Pattern: Favorite Tee | Fabric: Raspberry Creek (print), Sincerely Rylee (solid)


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