What I Wore: Part 1

So I decided to start a new “series”, where I quickly document what I wore as my actual outfit for the day.  No guarantees this will be a frequent or lengthy series (read: it will be sporadic and random) but I will do my best!


Here’s what I wore to work today: Mama Nina in Sincerely Rylee rayon spandex, black Birkenstocks (my fave shoes ever – soooo comfy!).

I made a Mama Nina earlier with a different color of rayon spandex, but I like this lovely olive better.  It’s such a beautiful shade; perfect for summer and fall.  I’m always one for earth tones.  I also love jewel tones and have a lot of rayon spandex in those colors that I can’t wait to sew up too.


I really like the high-low hem on this dress (despite the awkward back shot here – it was windy and this is the best one I got!).  I actually cut between the tunic and dress lengths for this one, since I am fan of shorter dresses.  Usually the dress length on dresses hits me about here, but I think this one was drafted a little longer on purpose.  I also like them a little shorter so that I throw on some leggings in the winter.  When tunics/dresses are longer, I’m not always a fan of the look with leggings so I tried to get the best of both worlds here.  It’s probably because I’m used to my legs looking unusually long, so when they look “normal” I get confused. πŸ™‚

Also, I can’t say enough about how comfortable this dress is in rayon spandex!  Talk about a good way to beat the heat of August.  Although, when I walked home it was a little cooler and breezier, which was nice.


I also played up the complimentary colors thing and wore my purple earrings from a fellow Etsy seller, Candyandie Creations.  I took these pictures as soon as I got home and didn’t change anything about what I was wearing, so I’m proud of myself for thinking to put earrings on in the morning.  I’m clearly not a fashionista.  Ha!  But I thought that this dress could use some statement jewelry and I love the earrings.

Well, that’s it – until next time!  Hopefully I will remember to do these more often. πŸ™‚


Pattern: Made for Mermaids Mama Nina | Fabric: Sincerely Rylee rayon spandex

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