August BeeBox – VHCO

Hello friends!  I can’t believe another month has come and gone in BeeBox land – this time I’m excited to share these SOS Pants with you!


If you’re new, the BeeBox is a fantastic monthly fabric delivery system – the ladies over at Vinegar and Honey Co. pick out 2 yards of mystery fabric each month and send them off.  Then it’s super fun to figure out what to make!  This month, the box consisted of 1 1/2 yards of this classy black and white floral liverpool, and 1/2 yard of a soft black ponte.  I knew I wanted to make pants as soon as I saw the fabric, to best show off the bold print.  I’ve made liverpool SOS pants before so the match was simple!  The perfect summer/fall transition piece.


I decided to use the ponte as back pocket accents and the casing for the elastic waistband, which was a great choice since it is soooo soft and stretchy.  In retrospective, I wish I had also used it for the visible insides of the front pockets too, to add some extra contrast and pull it all together.  But I’m not heartbroken over it.


Also, can we talk about the elastic waistband on pants?!  I know, I know, these aren’t 100% “real pants”, but they are so freaking comfortable, you bet I’m going to wear them as real pants.  I think it’s easier to get away with this when they aren’t trying to be jeans (of course I have also made SOS Pants like that too…and I wear them a LOT, but that’s beside the point).  The faux fly also really helps make these more believably “pants”, too.


I’ve been reading a lot about proper fitting techniques and making adjustments to fit my body specifically, based on measurements.  Of course, I always add my standard 1″ for my height to all patterns.  But recently, I’ve determin

image1 (2).JPG

ed that I sometimes need a broad back adjustment (or sloping shoulders), which can affect my fit issues with tight armsyces.  When the back is pulling across my shoulders, it pulls the armsyce up into my armpit, creating tightness there.  Of course, this doesn’t have anything to do with pants…but I’ve also determined that I need to adjust my crotch curve a bit to fit better for me.  So for these pants, here’s what I read to determine what to change, and the fit is SO much better!  I’m noticing this what I need in a lot of my pants patterns (various designers) so at least that is consistent.  After this, I’m super pleased with the fit on these pants in particular.  Here’s the change I made to the crotch curve.


As closing remarks…I really can’t overstate how comfortable these are.  Basically like leggings, but thicker and pockets!  I already wore them once to work (if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a sneak in my stories on Monday – follow me if you haven’t already!) and will definitely be wearing them more.


Until next time – happy (almost) September!


Pattern: Patterns for Pirates SOS Pants | Fabric: Floral liverpool and black ponte, Vinegar and Honey Co. August BeeBox

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