Fall Mountain-wear, Part 2

I’m back for Part 2 of my installment on the Raspberry Creek CLUB line mountain-wear!  Once again I turned to my trusty menswear pattern company, Thread Theory for the Strathcona Henley again.


I used the same cotton lycra mountain print as last time for the sleeve accent fabric, and a solid heathered gray cotton lycra for the body.  This is essentially another iteration of the Octopus Strathcona, since Brian loves that shirt I decided he could use another one!  See, look, he’s happy!



Also…I designed and drew this decal for him too, since he misses the mountains.  Can anyone guess which famous “mountainous area” I based this on??  Hopefully it’s kinda readable…or at least you can tell they’re mountains? 🙂

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl, and it worked really well!  I’m so shocked at how the super skinny lines turned out.  I was kinda putting it to the test here on purpose, and I’m so pleased with the result.  I’m still working on testing out other features for my official review posts (there will be multiple!), but consider this a sneak peek!


Something I’ve been noticing…lately the size L Strathcona seems to be fitting a little differently since Brian has gained some muscles on his chest and upper arms.  Note the drag lines from his armpits and neckline.  I’m thinking that he’s probably in the XL now due to this, so next time I suppose I’ll have to reprint and cut…since I don’t usually plan ahead. 😉




I still can’t say enough about the new fall CLUB line, these mountains especially.  Seriously, go check it out.  I thought I couldn’t love Raspberry Creek more but then they released these…I can’t wait to sew up the next few designs as well!


Well, that’s it for now!  Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to show off my next CLUB makes too. 🙂


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