Wiggle Dress – Pattern Release

Are you ready for a complete Wiggle Dress overload?!  I sewed up a shirt and three dresses with this one pattern!  Well, technically I also sewed another dress too, but it’s for a Halloween costume so I won’t be posting that now. 😉  Talk about versatility!  Grab the pattern on sale until 11/1 here!



This new Patterns for Pirates release is just plain awesome!  And I don’t say that lightly.  I’m not usually one to wear tighter fitting clothes (you may have noticed I tend to gravitate more towards the looser fitting dolmans, etc.) but once in a while you just need a fancy dress.  Maybe floor length.  With a mermaid cut.  And velvet.  Plus lace. ❤




After you’ve made one of these, there’s no going back!  As stunning as they look, the pattern is actually very easy and a surprisingly quick sew.  For this black dress, I used stretch velvet from Zenith and Quasar, with stretch lace from Knitpop.  This is actually left over fabric from my formal dress I made last winter, so I knew I loved the combination and I’m happy to have another dress with it.


Before I get into sharing lots more pictures, I want to talk about the pattern for a minute.  First, it’s bursting with options (literally) and drafted for stable knits.  It may seem like “hey, isn’t this just the free pencil skirt pattern mashed with a tight fitting top?”  Nope.  Not even close.  The especially great thing about this pattern is that the back is actually two pieces, with a built in sway back adjustment.  This means you won’t get that annoying extra puff of fabric in your lower back sometimes present in tighter fitting tops/dresses.  The lower part of the dress hugs your thighs but not too much, and then flares out perfectly.  We went through 6 versions of this dress in testing alone; Judy tweaked it so much based on feedback to get the actual perfect fit.  Of course, not everyone is shaped exactly the same; since this dress is so fitted you’ll probably have to make some minor adjustments to eliminate small wrinkles here and there.  But the main fit should be pretty darn spot on for you if you make your measured size(s).  I know this because I experienced it myself!


For all of my pieces (but not Kelsey’s as you’ll see below), I chose to do the off the shoulder neckline because I thought it was so strikingly elegant.  It’s finished with elastic like a swimsuit, so it really doesn’t move much, surprisingly.  There’s also options for full sleeves as well, but I didn’t have enough lace left.  Regardless, I’m definitely pleased with the outcome!


Changing gears completely, I also made a shirt length version, also off the shoulder, with leftover Liverpool from the June BeeBox.  I’m loving this totally dressed down version too; it really switches up the look and stretches the pattern even further.  There’s also a crop length in addition to the top and various dress lengths, too.  Again, this one stays up very well and is strangely comfortable to wear.  I choose the 3/4 sleeves here, though I realized later on that I had them pushed up for the pictures.  They fall more slightly below my elbow.



You may have noticed that I paired this top with yet another pair of SOS pants.  This time I used distressed camo knit and I’m obsessed!  They’re a little thinner than my usual SOS pants preference but no thinner than leggings, so I’ll take it.  I’m not usually  very “edgy” but I feel like it when I wear these pants. 🙂



By the way, a perfect solution to a rainy day when you need to take pictures in a conservatory!  Except when there’s an outdoor wedding planned for that day and they end up stealing your idea.  Thus the rainy hair pictures above. 😉  But that’s ok, because we made it work!  My bff Kelsey was awesome for taking these pictures, so I also made her a dress and we grabbed some of hers, too.



I used another Liverpool for hers as well, which was left over from my Mama Isabel dress earlier this year – from Vogue Fabrics and embossed with roses.  Aren’t you proud of me for clearing out my stash?!  Anyway, hers is above the knee length and has the high boatneck front and back, as well as 3/4 sleeves.  The neckline is also finished with elastic with this option, which makes for a nice-looking and easy finish.  No problems there for me!


Lastly, I decided that I NEEDED a red version myself…because cocktail dresses.  All of my fellow testing ladies were raving about this refined ponte from Joann Fabrics, because it is essentially spanx in dress form.  I have to say this is pretty true and a wiggle is definitely needed to get this dress on!  (FYI, a zipper is also an option for this pattern if you don’t like wiggling.)




It’s the general consensus that this pattern is actual magic and makes everyone feel like a million bucks.  I dare you to try it yourself and see!  This one is also off the shoulder, below the knee length, and 1/2 length sleeves.  I also added the optional kick pleat, which helps in the whole walking and moving department. 😉  The instructions for this make it super easy and clean, finished with a facing.

I don’t have many words left so I’ll let these last few pictures do the talking…




Have a convinced you yet?!  I’m pretty sure that everyone needs the Wiggle Dress.  I’m already coming up with various places to wear these, because you know dresses like these can’t just sit in my closet!

Which version is your favorite – I literally can’t decide!


Pattern: Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress | Fabric: Black Stretch Velvet – Zenith and Quasar, Liverpool Stripes – Vinegar and Honey, Red Liverpool – Vogue Fabrics, Red Refined Ponte – Joann Fabrics

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