December BeeBox – VHCO

I’m still catching up on holiday insanity…can you tell??  (Actually, speaking of that, I do still need to blog our Christmas clothes…)  Anyway, this is the VHCO BeeBox from December and it’s definitely very festive.  I think its a great Valentine’s color too!


I decided to make an M4M Mama Claire, because I wore the sweater knit one I made earlier the other day and remembered how much I liked it.  The cross over is a nice change from my usual wardrobe and pairs well with the crushed velvet.  At first I wasn’t sure if I could do a whole shirt like this with crushed velvet, but I realllllly love how it ended up.  Talk about the next level!  Haha.

I’m actually pretty on board with the velvet trend in general.  I think it can be super fancy and nice as long as it’s not too 90’s!




And of course this one can also be worn “backwards”!  To be honest, I’m not totally into how the neckline feels backwards (I should probably scoop it down a 1/2″ or so) but it’s so worth it for the cross over at the back!


On the topic of the BeeBox, I just received my January one yesterday.  And I gotta say, I think it’s my favorite one yet!!!  The colors are fantastic and I can’t wait to sew it up! 😉


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