Raspberry Creek Fabric Spring Collection

I’m so excited to share my makes with two prints from Raspberry Creek’s spring line!  The whole collection is adorable; definitely something for everyone.  Check it out here!


Here’s what I used for my sweatshirt:

I can’t believe I’ve never made this one before!  I’ve seen LOTS of Halifaxes and always liked the pattern, but just never had the impetus to make one myself.  When I saw this floral I just knew it needed to be a Halifax.  I love watercolor and the design is perfection.

I am particularly fond of View E, which has this cowl neck and curved side seams.  For the longest time from just seeing other peoples’ versions sewn up I thought that these were triangular color blocked pieces on the side, but turns out it’s actually part of the back piece which is curving around.  Makes for quicker construction than I expected and a nice look, especially when you have two contrasting fabrics like this.  The front is almost a “sporty” feel but of course with watercolor flowers. 🙂  It’s a good way to use two fabrics and not sew yet another raglan.  Nothing wrong with raglans but sometimes I just want set in sleeves.





Brian’s shirt features the spring prints too:

Yes, I did sew another Strathcona for him…he loves the fit and it’s a nice pattern I like to make.  He gained some muscle lately so I’ve had to size up to an XL to avoid some drag lines but now it’s back to being a perfect fit.  I also added the pocket from the Arrowsmith Undershirt for a nice accent.

Cotton lycra is also a great choice for this one, not too tight and the thick-ish fabric is good for layering.  The Raspberry Creek cotton lycra (and french terry for that matter) is suuuuuper soft.  It’s definitely one of my most favorite fabrics.  He requested underwear in this print as well since it really is that soft!

The Sasquach print is so fun and unique, I love being able to make clothes like this.  Brian picked it out from the lineup! 🙂  The royal blue matches perfectly as a coordinate.




That’s it for today!  Make sure to grab some of the spring line while it is still on sale for release week (through 2/14/18). 🙂


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