Go-To Jacket: Pattern Release

Zipup hoodies anyone?!  New pattern release alert!  Links below.

It’s been years since I bought one of these for me from the store since the sleeves are always too short and its just not worth it.  I couldn’t resist making “matching” his and hers jackets! πŸ™‚



The details in this pattern are pretty awesome and definitely answer the question of “why not just add a zipper to a normal shirt pattern?”, which I have done before.  I can say that this one is significantly different and a good pattern to try if you want to get better at some new skills.

  • I’m not going to lie, I hate installing zippers.  But doing them one side at a time is different and can be easier, which is what this pattern instructs.
  • Along with that, there’s also the zipper guard, which is a nice touch and ups the “professional” look quite a bit.
  • There’s instructions for finishing the inside seam of the hood (which I did on Brian’s) and the inside edge of the zippers (which I didn’t do on either…because I am somewhat lazy sometimes…oops).  But they are both great finishing touches!




As you can see, the hood is also a little different than your norm: it’s a three piece hood which is great for colorblocking, as I did on Brian’s.  It also goes up higher under the chin and is more like a cowl neck when it is zipped up all of the way with the hood down.  Definitely mixing things up a bit.  There’s also a TON of options for lengths, cuffs, pockets, etc. as per the P4P usual. πŸ™‚

Yes, that’s the same gray fabric for both of ours.  It’s a “scuba” from Joann’s…which is definitely not really scuba.  It is a double knit but it feels more like a poly jersey or almost like a thicker french terry on the outside.  Super weird and unique, also pretty heavy too.  Brian’s bone accent fabric is actually a spun poly so I lined the sleeves with a brushed athletic knit.  My floral accents are a french terry.  I had the scrap for ages and am glad I finally found a use for it!



Oh!  Also the pattern has a bomber jacket version too!  I sewed up an earlier, not final version of the men’s one (there were some small fit changes after these pictures).  So I’ll just show this one but it’s pretty sweet.  And I kinda want one for me. πŸ™‚


That’s it!  Now go check out the patterns for yourself and grab your copies!


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