Tencel Twill Willamette Shirt

Can you believe it?  I already sewed one of my goal patterns for this year: the Hey June Willamette Shirt!  For this procrastinator, that’s truly remarkable considering it’s only March.  Ha!  I used the new tencel twill from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and it is divine.





Also I think I get a medal because I took these pictures before 8am and it was 23 degrees outside.  Also Brian gets a medal for taking the pictures before coffee. πŸ˜‰

This project was a really great blend of challenge and easy.  I sewed up View B and did my usual +1″ adjustment for my height.  The actual techniques used are simple and Adrianna really does a fantastic job explaining how to get a great finish with all of the steps.  In particular, the pseudo burrito roll yoke/collar/facing trick is awesome.  But it’s a lot of topstitching and if you’re anything like me you rip out any stitching that isn’t perfect and do it again so…it can take a bit of time.  Plus two very visible pockets, a placket and a buttonhole (my machine hates buttonholes) miiiight put me over the edge at 11pm when I tend to sew.  However the result is so polished, I seriously want to make more of these.  The style is so light and airy, it will be great for spring and summer.





Can we talk about this fabric?!  It’s the new tencel twill from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and it is really awesome.  I used the dusty light purple colorway.  You know how sometimes rayon challis is a bit slippery?  Or sometimes it is just too airy to lay well in a shirt?  This is neither of those things.  It’s soooo easy to sew and drapes beautifully.  It has a soft, almost kinda suede-y feel to it as well.  My finished project definitely feels pretty high end due to this.

I’ve seen quite a few people sewing up the new Joy Jacket with this tencel so I was a bit curious as to how it would lay with a shirt.  Well, it’s not too thick at all!  In fact I am very pleased with the weight, because it has some substance to it but doesn’t add much bulk.  At the sleeve cuffs I had to sew through 5 layers of fabric.  It wasn’t difficult and it doesn’t feel bunchy in my armpits, which I was actually a little surprised about!

If you have a project in mind where you want to make it just a bit nicer…I’d certainly suggest grabbing some of this tencel!



I’m really hoping to get to another one of my goal sews before it gets warm out…at the rate we’re going with snow in March I think I should be good. πŸ™‚





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