Hand Stamped Fabric Tank

Look how beautiful this fabric is!  It’s another lightweight cotton woven from Fibers to Fabric; this one is hand stamped.


I only had one yard, so it was a tight squeeze to make this one.  I used the (sadly!) retired Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank pattern – with zipper mod.  I’d made this one before, so I knew I liked the way it fit.  I was pressed for time and I already had this pattern cut out, otherwise I would have used a current pattern so that you guys could sew it up if you wanted to.  A few similar patterns I’d consider:

I knew I wanted a bit of ease because as you may have seen on my Instagram, I’m pregnant. 🙂  I sewed this up before I wanted to let the world know.  But I ended up getting a little bigger faster than I anticipated so I wanted to wait to share these pictures until after I had to chance to tell some people.




Can you spot the tiny pocket?  Haha.  I purposely cut it upside down, but on second thought I probably should have done it on the bias for more contrast.  Ah well!

I also cut the back upside down and added a seam because it was the only way I could get the pattern to fit on my limited fabric.  BUT that actually came in handy because I do need a swayback adjustment.  So it was quite easy to take out the excess with that seam.


I decided to add the exposed gold zipper down the front for added interest, plus it is now nursing friendly for later on.  I definitely still need practice with zippers because I do still fear them!  But every time I do one I realize it really isn’t that hard.

The armholes and neckline are finished with bias tape, so that made it pretty easy to deal with the zipper as well.



I’m also wearing pre-pregnancy chambray Patterns for Pirates Linen Loungers, which I made last year.  The elastic waist is still pretty comfy.

That’s it!  I really love how it turned out, the cotton is just so lightweight and breathable for summer.  I’m sure it will be awesome as it gets hotter!


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