Raspberry Creek CLUB Fall Line – Part 1

I seriously love fall sewing.  It’s become one of my favorite times of the year as I’ve grown older; likely because it causes me to remember the nostalgia of starting school again (maybe not the reality ;)) and the anticipation of learning.  The changing seasons are always beautiful too.  In Chicago we don’t get a very long fall before the exceptionally looooooooong winter, so it is a bit depressing to be heading into that but I still am very partial to it.  The leaves are always so beautiful too.  We haven’t had an insanely hot summer this year, though it has been pretty muggy lately so I would welcome a nice 65 degree day!

Of course, fall also means the launch of a new big fabric line with Raspberry Creek Fabrics!  Clearly one of my favorite fabric companies, this is very exciting!  The RCF CLUB line is always so beautiful and in a style I particularly am drawn to.  High quality, custom artwork on American milled and printed fabric…what could be better?!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m obsessed with making matching sets for my boys. ❤  So of course I couldn’t resist another one!  How cute is this mountain print?!  The colors are bright but not too bright for my aesthetic and the design is not cartoony.  All in all I just love how they turned out.  I used the French terry version of the Sketch Mountains print (available here) and the CLUB solid charcoal French terry (out of stock at the moment, but available here soon).  I decided to do the charcoal body/print sleeves for Brian and the opposite for baby.


The baby raglan is the Raglan Coverall from Brindlle and Twig.  Hat is the P4P (free) Teeny Beanie.  I made a few modifications to the raglan to accommodate my limited fabric (I had a yard of each).  Namely, adding a back seam and color blocking the faux “cuffs” on the ankles.  I’m actually pleased with that addition because I think it breaks up the print nicely.  The pattern is not difficult, but a bit more time consuming than the Rolled Hem Rompers I made earlier.  I did have a few issues with my Kam snaps and the bulky binding + hem on the ankles.  So that’s why you can’t see the last snap on the ankles, because it was too bulky to go through all the layers; it only goes through the inside of the hem fold.  But it works (I hope!).  Either way it is freaking cute!


Brian’s raglan is the Jerry’s Raglan, which I’ve made a ton of for him.  I always add about 3″ to the sleeves and 1″ to the length, due to his height.  I find the fit is pretty nice on him.  Thread Theory released a new raglan pattern recently, which I have been meaning to try…just need to get the energy to glue and cut a new pattern!


Can you believe this cuteness?!  I can’t wait until the little guy gets here and we can get some adorable daddy and me matching shots together. 🙂


Patterns: Jerry’s Raglan, Raglan Coverall | Fabric: Raspberry Creek CLUB Sketch Mountains French terry, solid charcoal French terry

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