Thread Theory Fairfield Button-Up

In my previous post, I realized that I had never blogged this Fairfield!  I started it back in March, before I was pregnant, when I still had energy.  I finished it up and took these pictures on our trip to Washington right before I was hit with crazy nausea.  So now I am finally getting around to posting!  But it’s really a fall-ish type piece so that works out, right?




This one was truly a labor of love.  Brian picked out the flannel at Joann’s right after Christmas; it’s suuuuper soft and cozy.  Then it only sat for 3 months before I started this, which is actually quite shocking considering how much I was intimidated by the pattern.  But, true to Thread Theory form, it was very easy to follow and broken down into attainable steps.  Per Brian’s measurements, I graded between a few sizes.  But for some reason the bottom ended up a bit narrow, so I took a smaller seam allowance there and that solved my problem.  In the future, I won’t grade there and the fit should be pretty solid.  Looking back, I should have done a small swayback adjustment for him since he does have a pretty curvy back.  But generally speaking, this first pass turned out quite good!

I opted to make the more casual view, and cut the back yoke and pocket on the bias.  The back yoke is actually pieced together with a seam down the middle; I’m pretty proud of the exact plaid matching there if I do say so myself!  Of course the finishes on this piece are top notch.  No detail is left undone and I felt pretty satisfied once I had finally finished this.  I think it took me a good few weeks to get it done, but I wasn’t rushing (for once).  It’s a good sew.

I was pretty nervous about the sleeve tower plackets but I really had nothing to worry about.  It’s just a lot of folding and pinning, but in the end they turned out half decent.  I also added the tabs so that the sleeve can be cuffed up and buttoned (but I forgot to get a picture of that).





My least favorite part was probably putting in all of the buttonholes.  No matter how many I do, I still hate it.  On woven fabrics, my machine doesn’t throw as much of a fit as with knits, but it’s still just not fun for me.  I always second guess placement…I think I would be less annoyed by it if I got one of the expandable buttonhole guide things.  (Hi Brian – Christmas hint 😉 )

One thing that does bother me a tiny bit is the pocket seems slightly low.  It didn’t bother me enough to take it off after my meticulous stitching, however.  So here we are!




But really, I wasn’t cursing the sewing gods over this one!  Which is a bit of a surprise…though I wasn’t ready to jump into another version immediately afterwards.  Now that it’s been like 6 months I’d say that I could tackle another.  Just need to find the right fabric and time!


Pattern: Thread Theory Fairfield Button-Up | Fabric: Joann Fabrics

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