Daddy & Me P4P Basic Tees

As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, baby boy L joined us in December!  I’ve been quite busy the past couple months, but excited to get to sewing and crafting again more as he just turned two months old and is settling into more of a routine.

I was able to test the new P4P Basic Tee for both men and youth and took the opportunity to make more daddy and me outfits for my boys. ❤  Of course I used fabric from my fave fabric company: Raspberry Creek Fabrics.




How fun is this geometric print?  It’s Riley Blake cotton lycra, which is alway so nice in both weight and quality.  I thought it seemed like a cool print for both baby and Brian since it’s simple and not too big or too small.  Sometimes prints can be a little overwhelming on baby clothes if they are too big.

The solid is one of the staple RCF french terrys; this one is the olive green french terry with spandex.  French terry is one of the reasons I first found RCF and definitely one of the reasons I keep coming back!  The version with spandex is my favorite because its so soft, has great texture on the back, and DOESN’T pill!  In fact, I made a Grainline Studio Driftless Cardigan with the charcoal french terry and two years later it still looks brand new.  Anyway!  This is the olive, which is no exception to the RCF french terry greatness.  Actually, this one seems even softer than some of the others!

I like playing around with the right and wrong sides with fabric like this; I used the wrong, loop side out for L’s pants (MBJM Harem Pants) and main piece on his hat (P4P Teeny Beanie).



The P4P Men’s Basic Tee is definitely a staple.  I made the short sleeve, v-neck version here and really love how the V is not too deep.  Brian likes to layer shirts and loves how the other shirt won’t stick out when the neckline is higher like this.  It also just looks polished and nicer this way, I think.  The pattern comes with short, average, and tall height lengths, which is awesome.  Brian is 6’1″, so I made the tall version with no modifications and it fits perfectly.  I normally add 1″ in both height and (long) sleeve length.  You can see here the shirt length is great as-is!  Brian likes the cut of this one, not too tight but still more of a trim fit.

The pattern also comes with options for multiple sleeve lengths and a crewneck option as well.  As usual, very versatile!


Baby L’s Youth Basic Tee shirt is basically the same as Brian’s just with the print body and long sleeves with cuffs!  He measures the 3m size, so that’s what I made here and it fits as expected.  I did add about 1/2″ in length to the sleeves because (like both of his parents) he has very long arms.  It’s hard to see because he was so squirmy for these pictures, but he’s so cute in the v-neck like daddy!  I don’t think I’ve seen many baby shirts with v-necks so that’s kinda fun.

The youth pattern also comes with a crew and scoop neck option, as well as various hem and sleeve lengths.  The cut is just like you’d expect for a “basic” tee.

That’s it for today!  Thanks for stopping by; I have lots of fun content planned coming up soon!


Patterns: Men’s Basic Tee, Youth Basic Tee | Fabric: Riley Blake Geometric Triangles, Olive Green French Terry

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