Minimalist Swiss Cross Mommy & Me

I’ve made quite a few matching outfits for L and Brian, mainly due to using up the scraps from fabric I had already used to make Brian things over the past couple years.  I have made one matching set for me (which I have not yet blogged…better get on that before he outgrows it!) but I decided to begin to remedy our lack of matching outfits now with the new CLUB line spring release from RCF!



For both of us, I used the Hand Drawn Swiss Cross print on French terry (surprise, surprise), paired with the solid black French terry.  There’s so many fun designs in this Spring release – including more minimalist ones like this.  I love a simple design as much as a I love a good floral and this one really hits the spot.  It’s fun that it’s not quite perfect; definitely has a ”fuzzy”, less clean cut feel to it despite being black and white.

The Spring line is on sale through Wednesday, 2/20!


For me, I used the Hey June Tallinn Sweater.  I’ve seriously been eyeing this pattern for probably a year, and just never had a real idea for fabric for it until now.  At first I wasn’t quite sure about this pairing, but once I cut the pieces out I knew I would love it.  A little more bold than I usually go and also a little more asymmetrical than I usually prefer, though I’m ok with that! 🙂  For some reason I think it all just works.  I’m a big fan of the drop seam shoulders, too.  If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while you’ll know I commonly deal with tightness in the armsyce area and it’s always nice when I don’t need to make an adjustment there.  Though the best thing about this pattern (for me at this stage of my life) is that it’s very nursing friendly with no modifications to the existing pattern.  The overlapping front bodice pieces are not connected at the right side seam, allowing them to open easily.  Genius!

(Also, my pants are SOS pants I made a while ago with an awesome distressed camo jaquard knit.)


For baby L I decided that I wanted to try out the Harem Romper from Brindlle and Twig.  As I expected, it was a super quick and easy sew, especially since the top is finished with a facing instead of bands or binding.  Sew up the rest, add some leg cuffs and snaps and you’re done!  Very cute.  Since I am still trying to find where the majority of the hours in the day go when you have a small baby, I paired the romper with a ready to wear onesie underneath (which actually has Mickey Mouse on it but…you’d never know, right?).



I love being able to sew coordinating things for us…definitely not something I could ever buy at the store!  It’s the small things like this that make me happy. 🙂


Patterns: Tallinn Sweater – Hey June, Harem Romper – Brindlle and Twig | Fabric: Hand Drawn Swiss Cross print in French terry, solid black French terry – Raspberry Creek Fabrics

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