Raspberry Creek Fall Line 2019

Hello friends!  I am thrilled to be blogging this year’s fall Raspberry Creek release!  This year’s may be my favorite yet.  I get so excited for their fall release every year and they did not disappoint.  There are sooooooo many wonderful prints available on their website; make sure you check them out.  I was able to sew up the Geometric Mountain french terry and the Tonal Acorn Leaves french terry.  It’s serious love, guys.


For baby boy, I sewed up the Lowland Kids Overalls.  I couldn’t decide how to make his outfit with the mountains but also have him match me when I had limited sewing time.  So I made them reversible!  With applique knee patches from the acorn fabric.  Which he will grow into with the placement haha.









The coordinating solid is the olive cotton jersey, which is a great match and super soft.

I recently got this pattern and really like it.  It’s pretty quick and easy but so cute and classic, which is what I’d prefer his whole wardrobe to be if I could sew all of it!  Generally speaking, I just found out about Lowland Kids after my short disappearance from the world after the baby was born.

I made the knot version for this pair in a size up in length, so that my lanky boy can wear these hopefully in the fall and winter.  Currently the knots are a little higher up on the straps, creating the longer tails, but I don’t mind that too much.  Baby loves them because they are a built in teething toy…

I used the P4P Basic Tee as the layering piece on the mountain print side and the fit is perfect.

For my sweatshirt, I heavily modified the Hey June Halifax, which is one of my most favorite patterns.  I knew I wanted something to be nursing friendly yet not “in your face nursing” since L is 8.5 months old already.  I tend to do the pull up method more than anything else when he’s super wiggly (all day).  This is kind of hard to do when you have a waistband on the shirt, so I opted to do a split hem instead so that it would be easier to pull up.  And then since I hate hemming split hems, I decided to line my shirt too.

In terms of modifications, I also color blocked the sleeves and added stripes for a more athletic kind of look.







This was a saga…I wanted to line it with the gray wide dot rayon spandex french terry but I didn’t have enough to do the whole thing.  I decided to piece it together with other fabric and since it was the inside this wouldn’t matter.  In the midst of this, I accidentally cut the front outside acorn piece all the way across horizonally.  NOOOOOOOOOO!  So I made that the back and pieced the neckline higher on this new back.  Disaster averted.  Then I cut the cowl dots on the grainline instead of the stretch, so I had to piece in an acorn piece to give it stretch.  This took me 5 attempts because I was tired and stubborn.  Ha.  I finally finished it the next day.  Totally worth it though, because I LOVE it.  It’s nice and thick with the double french terry and perfection for fall and winter.

Since this is already a novel…I’ll just leave you with a few more pictures because I can’t help myself. 🙂






Mama outfit: Hey June Halifax Hoodie | Tonal Acorn Leaves French Terry | Wide Dot Medium Gray & White Rayon Spandex French Terry

Baby outfit: Lowland Kids Overalls | Geometric Mountain French Terry | Olive Cotton Jersey | P4P Basic Tee

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