Dragon Baby!

Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed up as an “animal”?  I saw an ad for something like this when I was pregnant…then when I came across this sweatshirt knit from Raspberry Creek I knew I had to make my baby into a dragon!



Originally I had thought it looked like a dinosaur, but dragon is much more fitting.  Some people classify babies as “dragons” or “unicorns”, based on personality types and behavior.  Particularly as a newborn and younger baby, L was very “dragony” in that he was extremely demanding and never calm.  I didn’t ever get the sleepy newborn.  These days at almost 10 months he’s much more peaceful and doesn’t breath fire nearly as often…though he is quite active, inquisitive and energetic.  Still, I couldn’t resist the dragon outfit to pay homage to his ways!  Guess he just needs wings.  But really flying is the last skill I need him to develop!

As I mentioned above, this gray fabric is a french terry sweatshirt fleece.  It is sooooo cozy and soft!  Just like a typical sweatshirt you’d buy at a store.  I will say it doesn’t have a ton of stretch (as noted in the description), so I made the cuffs a little larger and used a different fabric for the waistband on the pants.  I will probably swap out the arm cuffs after putting this on him because they are a little tight, but that’s no big deal.  Just something to keep in mind.  The fabric itself is fantastic!  You can see inside the hood here that the wrong side is white and brushed.  LOVE.




For the “spikes” I used an old RCF Club cotton jersey plaid from a few years ago, but this one available now is super similar.  On the ankles I cut three triangles all together on one piece of fabric twice, then sewed them right sides together and turned right side out, inserting them into the cuff.  I did a similar concept for the hood, except I cut out each triangle shape individually and then inserted them into the hood seam.  Easy peasy!

I used two Lowland Kids patterns for this set; the Seaside Hoodie and the Lounge Sweats.  I tested the Lounge Sweats (they’re so quick and simple!) but the Seaside was new to me.  I love that is has a slightly different construction method to mix things up a bit!  The hidden front pocket is so unnecessary at this age but I had to do it because it is adorable. 🙂  Love the result and wish I had one in my size…




Can’t wait for it to be little more cool outside so that he can wear this set (before he outgrows it…).  It’s been a little chilly in the mornings but 80 by the afternoon, though it’s only September so that will soon change!  Looking forward to alllllll the sweater knits and french terrys per usual!



Patterns: Lowland Kids Seaside Hoodie & Lounge Sweats | Fabric: Sweatshirt Knit, Plaid Cotton Jersey




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