RCF Suit up for Summer Tour 2020

Raspberry Creek Fabrics always has the best swim prints and this year is no exception!  I’m thrilled to be taking part in their Suit Up For Summer swim blog tour and want to provide some inspiration for their wonderful fabrics!  Check out the end of this post for links to the other talented bloggers and sewists.  Take note that the discount code to SUNSHINE will get you 15% off all fabrics through Sunday, 3/29!



L is going through a banana obsession, so when I saw this banana print I knew that it was perfect for us.  As was the case last year, I decided to go with a “gender neutral” print so that we could both wear it.  But really, no one was forcing my hand because the bananas are just too adorable.


For L’s rash guard, I again used the Made for Mermaids Reagan pattern, because I had good success with it last year.  This time I did short sleeves since he’s a little older (15 months, whyyyyyy) and doesn’t have as fragile baby skin has he did at 6 months.  I also used the same navy solid as a coordinate as well.  Love how it pairs with the bananas!  I did not sew him any bottoms because:

1) I ran out of time. #thatcovidlife

2) I normally just put him in a cloth diaper cover as a swim diaper anyway so I went with reality for these pictures.

And clearly he’s feeling the Michael Jackson vibes with this too-small hat. 🙂



For my suit, I finally sewed the Made for Mermaids Camila!  I had been eying this one since it was released a couple years ago, but just never got around to it.  I was seriously planning (as in, I have the fabric I had picked at the time) to make one with a maternity hack when I was pregnant, but never did it.  It’s a good thing too, because I never actually had the occasion to wear swimwear when I was pregnant…despite being pregnant all summer.  Why, I have no idea!  Anyway.

I finally made one!  I love how it kind looks more like a shirt at the top rather than actual swim, which is unique.  I imagine the flounce would float quite a bit in the water, but oh well.  It’s cute and stays on, so that’s all that really matters with a toddler around.  Ha!

I used the solid plum purple as my coordinate, which I love because I am always on board for purple.  Whenever I buy solids, I always get at least some shade of purple.  Love how it brightens up the teal a bit here as well.

I am sincerely hoping that the world manages to get this pandemic under control in time for summer, because I would love to actually wear these this season!  At the very least I know we’ll get some backyard sprinkler and baby pool wear, so that’s always good.  Either way though, I am so glad that I can sew my own swimwear for myself, because I love to match my son and feel confident that it actually fits.  Always super empowering.  But anyway, that’s all I have for today!  I’ll leave you with L investigating his belly button.



Patterns: M4M Women’s Camila, M4M Reagan Rash Guard | Fabric: Raspberry Creek Bananas, Navy solid, Plum Purple solid


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