Elephant Placket Romper

It’s finally starting to be a little bit warmer here more consistently…I’m really hoping it stays warm because I am loving this Lowland Kids Placket Romper I made with Raspberry Creek brushed poly!


I had been eyeing this brushed poly when it first came out because it has a textured linen type look to it, which is a fun change of pace.  I don’t usually sew with brushed poly for boys but since this one is so unique and “textured” I think it’s perfect.  L has an affinity for elephants at the moment (he loves to do the elephant sound) so I definitely had to go with this fabric!



I really liked how the placket turned out with the solid mustard accent too!  I waffled using it for a while and even kind of regretted it at first, but once it was done I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.  I think it brightens it up a bit to help add to the summer vibe.  It’s a little more stiff than I expected, but thankfully it doesn’t poke weirdly or anything.  Nor did I break a needle or lose my mind sewing it…unlike other plackets.  Yikes.

This was my first time sewing this Lowland Kids pattern, and I was also a bit surprised at how easy the placket was.  I think this is because it’s a binding first, then turned into a placket as opposed to a whole new piece sewn on like I have done plackets before.  I think I have successfully avoided plackets for probably two or three years now…I always have such a hard time with them!  But I would and will make this pattern again.  I really like rompers because they are cute and my husband likes that they are easy one piece outfits (haha).


So much love for this fabric and this pattern!  Can’t wait until it’s slightly warmer and breezy for this summer ensemble.  I’ll leave you with this picture of L kissing a statue. 😉



Fabric: Raspberry Creek brushed poly | Pattern: Lowland Kids Placket Romper

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